Welcome to Nicholas Vardy’s Dividend PRO. As the name suggests, the service will be focusing on dividend strategies to not only increase your income flow, but to make strong capital gains as well.

Nicholas’ new service is founded upon a unique three-pronged investment strategy that you won’t receive with any other service.

At its heart, Dividend PRO is a trading service dedicated to generating consistent, market-beating dividends ranging from 5-15% from stocks that are also poised to increase in price. The depth of Nicholas’ investment knowledge combined with the breadth of his industry network enables him to tap into a world of high dividend paying stocks you may not be aware of – both in the United States and abroad.

In addition to each of the high dividend stock plays Nick recommends in Dividend PRO, he’ll recommend an option pick. This allows Dividend PRO subscribers the opportunity to make huge capital gains right alongside that consistent, low-risk dividend income. He has used this option strategy effectively in Bull Market Alert – where his members cashed in on 14 triple-digit winners in 2011 and already have profited 10 times in 2012 for an average gain of 73%.

Finally, Dividend PRO consistently boosts income via a seldom-used “secret” strategy that’s proven effective more than 90% of the time. Not only has Nick professionally traded using this strategy, but also he’s used it in his personal investing for over 10 years as way to legally increase the already-high dividends the stocks are paying out.

Nick estimates that this little-known strategy can add 5% to 7% to your annual income returns, without incurring ANY downside risk. That is enough to double your annual yield on a dividend stock with a relatively modest 6% dividend. While we can’t get into this strategy specifically right now, when you subscribe to Dividend PRO we will send you a special report that details it.

The service will come via email every Thursday (and special alerts when we see an opportunity to take profits or jump on a new investment).

I encourage you to become a Dividend PRO member today. To do so, just click on the “Subscribe Now” button above!