Welcome to Triple Digit Trader, a weekly fast-paced trading service designed to deliver big, fast, triple-digit winners, month after month.

In Triple Digit Trader, we go after quick winners using a powerful combination of:

  • Momentum plays.  For example, I think China is still a bad long-term investment, BUT I see some fantastic short-term trades we can profit from right now.
  • Technical analysis.  I’ll be looking for technical breakouts or oversold positions we can capitalize on for short-term gains.
  • Sentiment indicators.  Sometimes, seemingly “soft” indicators—like gauging the market or investors’ mood—can uncover fantastic opportunities.
  • Breaking news.  Earnings surprises, management changes, supply chain disruptions…we’ll take advantage of events like this for quick gains.

And we pounce on those opportunities wherever they may take us.  Stocks, ETFs, commodities, US listed foreign stocks—no type of investment is off limits if it has triple-digit profit potential.

Plus, options are a key tool in our arsenal.  Not only do they let you turbocharge your profits on the upside, they also let us grab big gains from the downside as well.

You get two ways to play every trade since each and every recommendation I make includes a straight recommendation as well as an options trade.  Which way you profit is up to you.

Join me at Triple Digit Trader

If you are interested in more active investing…if you are willing to be a bit more aggressive in exchange for bigger gains…if you are ready to see the difference consistent triple digit profits, then I invite you to give Triple Digit Trader a try!

To make sure you can accept this invitation with absolute confidence, I’m giving you…

…A full 60 days to put the service to the test.  Take it for a full test drive—read every alert, watch every trade—if you aren’t thrilled with the results, or simply decide the service isn’t right for you, no problem.  Just let me know and we’ll refund EVERY PENNY YOU PAID!

That’s right, you take ZERO risk when you give my new service a try thanks to my rock solid, no questions asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.

So you have nothing to lose by accepting this invitation now.