Investing with Dr. Mark Skousen

Dr. Mark Skousen Dr. Mark Skousen is part of the Eagle Financial Publications group of financial advisors. He is a nationally-known investment expert, professional economist, university professor, and author of more than 20 books, including his most recent book, Investing in One Lesson. Since 1980, he has been the editor in chief of the award-winning Forecasts & Strategies. He is also the editor of three weekly trading advisory services: Hedge Fund Trader, High-Income Alert, and Fast Money Alert. He is the producer of FreedomFest, an annual gathering of individualists. Dr. Skousen was a former economic analyst to the CIA. See below to learn more about Mark’s Investment Strategies.

Forecasts & Strategies


Dr. Mark Skousen gives you a perspective on the economy and markets you won’t find anywhere else. This insight leads to many unique ideas about how to safely grow your portfolio handsomely, even during down markets.To learn more about this service, click here.


Hedge Fund Trader


Create your very own custom-made, private hedge fund. You will generate superior short-term profits by going long or short, and buying calls and puts with this short-term trading service. The Hedge Fund Trader portfolio typically features between 4-8 investments at a time, holding each position for an average of 57 days.To learn more about this trading service, click here now.


High-Income Alert


High-Income Alert is a fast-paced trading service that seeks to uncover deeply undervalued dividend-paying investments that return high yields plus have the opportunities for capital gains.The service is directed by Dr. Mark Skousen. With Mark Skousen’s investment experience and economic background you’ll be on your way to building short-term profits and long-term wealth.

To learn more about this trading service, please click here now.


Fast Money Alert


Fast Money Alert is Mark’s newest trading service – launched in January 2014.  Fast Money Alert incorporates an exciting new strategy that offers far superior returns — what Mark calls “fast money windows.” During specific 14-25 day periods each year, certain stocks have proven to make sudden leaps in share prices. In fact, there’s a pattern here — a select group of stocks moves sharply ahead at certain times of the year, year after year, with 91% to 100% dependability.To learn more about this service, click here.


Winner’s Circle


Get complete access to all of Mark Skousen’s publications (Forecast & Strategies, High-Income Alert, Hedge Fund Trader and Fast Money Alert) and member benefits with America’s most exclusive investment club. Join the elite ranks of America’s smartest, most successful investors. To learn more about this service, click here.
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