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As you’ve just seen, Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm is designed to be the most predictive moneymaking system ever offered to individual investors.

Its sole purpose is to help folks who are serious about their wealth score maximum short-term profits — with the bare minimum of risk.

How can it do that?

By tapping you into the same kind of powerful “data analytics” that helped the CIA find Osama bin Laden…

That helps Google figure out what you want from a few keystrokes…

And that helps Goldman-Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and other Wall Street firms book market wins up to 99.92% of the time.

Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm works by crunching real-time market data through a proprietary computer algorithm…

An algorithm that screens and filters this data against 20 of the most lucrative investing strategies in the world.

We’ve found that when five or more of these strategies converge on a single stock…

It tends to strongly indicate a coming period of exceptional profits.

Quite simply, our new service alerts you when these potentially lucrative convergences occur…

And gives you specific investing or trading instructions aimed at helping you book the biggest short-term profits — with the lowest potential risk.

It’s ridiculously easy. The algorithm does all the legwork for you…

All you do is check your e-mail, follow the instructions, and collect whatever returns are coming your way.

And if the long-term track record of this system’s developer and namesake, Nicholas Vardy, is any indication…

Those returns could be stunning indeed.

In the 10 years I’ve been working with him at Eagle, I’ve personally witnessed Nick lead his readers to hundreds of sizeable double-digit returns…

Plus over 120 short-term triple-digit scores of up to 528%.

Yet even this incredible track record could prove to be nothing but a warm-up compared to the low-risk profit potential of Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm.

Now of course, there’s no such thing as a totally risk-free investment.

However, if this new data-driven system pinpoints market winners the way our theoretical models suggest it will…

I have every confidence that it’ll prove to be the most lucrative — and comparatively low-risk — investing and trading service you’ve ever seen.

But here’s the thing…

Theoretical investing models only go so far

We both know that the only way to PROVE the moneymaking power of any system is through rigorous, real-world testing.

And that’s what this one-time-only special opportunity is all about.

Starting right now, we’re enrolling the first 200 Eagle Financial readers who meet ourteria in a special “beta test” of Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm.

The objective of this test is to gather six full months’ worth of investing and trading feedback from actual users of this new data-driven system.

Once again, our three simple criteria for becoming one of these 200 official “beta testers” are as follows:

  1. You must be willing to invest according to the service’s instructions (how much you allocate is up to you — even very small amounts are OK)
  2. You must be willing to respond to a brief survey at the end of the six-month “beta test” about your experience with the service
  3. You must promise not to reveal the nature of this service — or any of its recommendations — to anyone during this “beta test” phase

Now I realize that even as simple and straightforward as they are, these criteria might not suit everyone. And that’s OK…

Remember, right now I’m only looking for 200 serious readers who will actually put Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm to the test in real-world market situations.

So if you’re not comfortable adhering to my “beta test” parameters, I’d respectfully ask you to close out of this now and let someone else have your spot.

However, if you ARE willing to take this incredible new wealth system seriously…

And help me prove that it works better than anything else out there…

I’m going to make it more than worth your while.

That’s because — in exchange for your participation in this “beta test” phase — I’m going to grant you two things:

  1. The lowest price, by far, that this service will EVER be offered for
  2. A guarantee of that same low price for as long as you want it

Remember, Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm is a potentially game-changing investing AND trading profits system…

And I really do believe that this six-month “beta test” will prove it to be an entirely new paradigm of low-risk wealth generation.

Now, when that proof is in — and we officially roll out this service to the public…

I assure you that Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm will be among the highest-priced advisories in the financial publishing industry.

I’m talking about a list price of as much as $5,000 a year — or more!

However, as one of our 200 privileged “beta testers,” you won’t pay anywhere near this much. Here’s the deal:

Just $497 secures your spot
in our official six-month “beta test” of
Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm

If you move fast enough to claim one of the 200 available openings (they’re being filled right now — first come, first served)…

You’ll get full access to everything the service offers, including:

  • Alpha Algorithm Alerts — When the algorithm detects the same stock in five or more of the system’s 20 profit strategies, you’ll get a “buy” alert in your inbox the morning of the next trading day.
  • Alpha Options Alerts — If Nick’s analysis indicates that a “call” or “put” options trade is warranted on any stock the algorithm flags, you’ll receive specific e-Mail trading instructions.
  • Special Text Message Alert System — To make sure you never miss an urgent buy/sell recommendation or updates to your portfolio, I will send you a text message so you can take action immediately.
  • Nick’s Weekly Commentary/Update — These dispatches will put the latest algorithm picks in perspective, keep you up to speed on the service portfolio, clue you in on new potential trades, and more.

I’m sure you’ll agree, $497 is a small price to pay for the chance to be among the first 200 people in the world to test this entirely new way of making money…

But it’s an absolute drop in the bucket compared to your potential long-term value!

That’s because — as one of our 200 official “beta test” participants…

Your subscription to Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm will be locked in at this same rock-bottom rate for as long as you choose to receive the service.

That’s right: Help me prove this system works over the next six months…

And I’ll keep giving it to you dirt-cheap — for as long as you want.

If you wish to keep receiving Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm after the six-month “beta test” period is over…

I’ll simply roll you into a standard 12-month subscription plan, automatically renewed each year at a rate of just $994 (you can cancel any time).

Do the math: That’s the exact same ultra-low price you received during the “beta test” period — just on an annual basis…

And it’s more than 80% off the $5,000 a year I truly believe this service will prove to be worth.

Again, this incredibly low $994-a-year price is guaranteed to you for as long as you choose to remain a subscriber to Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm.

Depending on how long you stay with this incredible new service, that could end up saving you literally tens of thousands of dollars over the full-list price.

But again — you must act quickly. Our 200 “beta test” openings are filling up fast

To secure your spot while you still can, simply fill in the information below now.

Or if you’d prefer to sign up over the phone, you can call (800) 211-4774…

One thing, though: Our telephone sign-up operators are only on duty weekdays from 9 to 5, Eastern time.

So if you’re not reading this during those hours…

Then signing up using the form below, right now, is the only way to guarantee your spot among our 200 “beta testers.”

Bottom line: If you’re serious about your wealthy future…

Then complete the form below, and give Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm the chance to help make it happen — with the incredible power of data-driven profits.