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By deciding to become one of the first 1,000 “Charter Members” of Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm

You’ve made a very wise decision in joining a whole new world of data-driven profits!

Once again, I’m Roger Michalski…

And I’m here to walk you through the simple 3-step sign-up process for this incredible investment research service.

Remember, this is the only service in the world that can give you access to the lucrative trades generated by our breakthrough VAR-D “profit robot.”

Developed by its genius namesake, world-renowned trader Nicholas Vardy…

This algorithmic moneymaking service has already booked a shocking track record of returns in its 18 short months of existence.

As you’ve just seen, these gains have:

  • Crushed the historical returns of the S&P 500 by over 1,150%
  • Shown readers a “win ratio” of over 86% on closed-out positions
  • Given them a shot at 74 double- and triple-digit wins of up to 323%

And making money with Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm is ridiculously easy, too.

The “robot” does all the legwork for you…

All you do is check your e-mail, follow the instructions, and collect your returns.

The whole thing takes 5 minutes a week, give or take.

And speaking of things that only take 5 minutes — signing up for this service is the easiest part of all.

There are just three simple steps:

Step 1: Review Your Service Benefits

Once your subscription to Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm is processed and confirmed, I’ll immediately rush you the official service Welcome Kit.

This consists of three main components:

1. Official Guarantee Certificate

Just to recap, your subscription to Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

That means you’re entitled to a full refund on your entire subscription fee at any time within the first two months — for any reason whatsoever.

Just let us know, and your money’s back in your pocket, pronto.

2. Eagle Contact Information

In the unlikely event you choose to exercise your right to a refund under this money-back guarantees, a simple phone call is all it takes.

Same deal if you have any questions about the Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm service itself — just give us a ring…

Our contact number, business hours, and address are in your Welcome Kit.

3. Your Unique Password

This password gives you 24/7 access to the entire archive of service materials…

The model portfolio of open and closed positions, all past and current alerts and updates, Special Reports, FAQs, and more.

They’re all just a click away — at the Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm website.

Soon after you get your three-part Welcome Kit…

You’ll start receiving the core benefits of the service via email:

  • Alpha Algorithm Alerts — Automatically generated by VAR-D, you’ll get “buy” alerts when a 5-way convergence forms in Nick’s “Alpha” profit strategies, and “sell” alerts when those convergences end.
  • Alpha Options Alerts — These will normally be “call” option plays on stocks that VAR-D pinpoints as rising, but they could also be “put” options on those same stocks, when the opposite conditions exist.
  • Nick’s Weekly Commentary/Update — On Wednesday of every week, you’ll receive additional info on the latest VAR-D picks, Nick’s updates on service portfolio holdings, and much more.

Okay, so those are the guarantee terms and redemption info…

Plus the full list of benefits you’ll get with Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm.

Now that you’re clear on all that, the next simple step is…

Step 2: Choose Your Subscription Plan

Don’t forget that this offer, right now, may be the only chance you ever get to sign up for Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm.

Again, that’s because we’re limiting this service to no more than 1,000 members at any given time.

And once we fill the 789 remaining “Charter Member” slots I’m opening up now…

It’s very likely that we’ll never need to open up this service for new subscribers again.

Because who’s going to cancel a service that could make them 11½ times as much as the S&P 500 — with frequent fast triple-digit wins?

You’ll also recieve a FREE copy of The Alpha Algorithm Handbook: Your Guide to Options Success.

This is Nick’s guide to using our proprietary VAR-D “profit robot” to score fast options wins of up to 500% or more.

Once your subscription order is confirmed, an electronic PDF copy of this guidebook will hit your inbox in mere minutes.

Also, remember that you are covered by Eagle’s ironclad 60-day 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Again, that means, with just a quick phone call…

You can get all of your money back within the first 60 days of your subscription, for any reason — promptly, and with no questions asked.

Last Step: Fill In Your Information

For your privacy and security, this electronic order form is as secure as modern technology can make it…

So you can sign up for Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm with total confidence that your information will not be compromised.

All you need to do now is decide on your method of payment, and fill in the information below…

Or call 866-482-7689 (toll-free) during 9AM to 5PM, Eastern Time, to sign up by phone.

Once you do that, you’ll be plugged into the only “profit robot” in the financial publishing world…

And on your way to making BIG money the way the Big Boys do it: The algorithmic, data-driven way.

But for the last time — and I can’t stress this enough…

Now may be your only chance to get in on this service.

There are only 789 available slots in Vardy’s Alpha Algorithm at this time.

And with a never-before-seen offer of up to $2,295 off the subscription price

It’s doubtful you’ll ever get another crack at these incredible data-driven profits.

To try this service out — 100% money-back guaranteed for 60 full days

Simply fill in the form below, and click the Place My Order! button at the bottom.