Fellow Investor,

There’s a company I want to tell you about that has gotten so good at using their secret revenue stream that…

In fact, for the 31 years that this company’s been traded publicly, its shares have appreciated an average of 16.9% each year.

Now, had you invested $10,000 in this company 31 years ago, it would have grown into $954,000!

That’s a total gain of 9,540%!

What did the market do during that time?

Well, the S&P 500 gained 848%, which may not seem that bad…

But just look at how that compares to our Compounding Machine’s performance in the chart below:


This company’s been 11-times more profitable than the market in the last three decades.

And it’s only getting better. In the last five years, its share price has grown an average of 17.24%. Now add in the fact that this company accomplished that in spite of:

…And you have a remarkable money-making machine.

If that’s not impressive enough, consider how our Compounding Machine performed in comparison to the recognized leader in its sector: Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B)

In short, it’s crushed Buffett’s baby, beating Berkshire’s annual returns by over 3 to 1 since the start of 2015.

So, how did it deliver those outstanding gains for almost three decades, through some of the worst market plunges ever?

Two words: “The Float.”

You see, The Float is the never-ending source of this company’s secret revenue stream…

It’s responsible for the company posting annual gains of 16.9% for the last 31 years… for beating the Dow’s returns 11 to 1… and for kicking Buffett’s butt 3 to 1 since 2015.

More importantly, this revenue Compounding Machine is only getting better at using its Float.

Take a look at the chart below:


It shows that, over the last five years, this company’s share price has increased 117.5%.

According to Morningstar, it’s averaged an annual gain of 17.24%. If you apply the rule of 72 to that average gain, you could double your money in just over four years…

Best of all, what I’m about to share indicates that this revenue Compounding Machine can maintain that performance for years to come – perhaps even a decade or more!

That’s why I call this company, “The Greatest Compounding Machine of Our Time.”

It’s also why I contacted you today: to tell you the company’s name and convince you why its best is still to come. 

So, let’s dive in and begin with where the Compounding Machine makes its money…

Profiting From
The World’s Second Oldest Profession

Insurance has been called the world’s second oldest profession…

But it’s certainly not as shady as the oldest.

In fact, insurance is at the core of Berkshire Hathaway’s business.

You could even argue that the base of ALL their business is the insurance companies they own.

Yes, I know… Berkshire has billions in investments. They own entire companies.

But their insurance business is what gave them the money to buy all those other companies in the first place.

The question is, where does that money come from?

Ask 100 investors, and I’d bet 99 would say it’s from selling more in policies than paying out in claims.

And they’d be dead wrong.

All insurance companies care about – in terms of policies bought and claims paid – is breaking even. Why?

Because they know their business’ real profits come from The Float.

Now, what is The Float?

If you think it sounds like some kind of shady, loan-sharking racket, you’re not far off.

Because The Float is an account that holds the money paid in by insurance policies.

It could hold billions of dollars…

But the money doesn’t just sit there, waiting to pay off claims.

Instead, the insurance company’s institutional investors use The Float like their own private, investment piggy-bank.

They invest in stocks, bonds, and even buy entire companies with your insurance premiums.

Think of it this way: The Float is like a permanent interest-free loan from you – and other customers – for the company to invest with.

All the insurance company has to do is charge high enough premiums to balance out the claims it pays – just break even.

Get this: they can even lose a little on insurance – their primary business – if they make enough in their investments.

Furthermore, they have a captive audience paying The Float. You. By law.

Mortgage companies require homeowners to get insurance. States require car owners to get insurance.

It’s almost like insurance companies run a protection racket, using the State and the mortgage banks for muscle.

Al Capone would be proud.

The worst that can happen to an insurance company is that maybe its customers will have an occasional claim. Big deal.

Meanwhile, their customer’s money has been sitting there for in-house institutional investors to use – like an interest-free loan – to get filthy, stinking rich.

No wonder Hedge Funds and Money Market Funds accuse Berkshire Hathaway of having an “unfair advantage.”

It’s because The Float gives them billions of “seed money” for… well, nothing!

Now it’s time to…

Make Berkshire’s “Unfair Advantage” Yours, Too

Mimicking the original, our Compounding Machine runs a similar business to Berkshire.

But they’re referred to as a “specialty” insurance company. How “special” are they?

Well, to begin with, they insure special events like weddings.

However, they get into a whole different kind of “special” as well, considering…

They’ve insured items such as Judy Garland’s ruby-red slippers from the Wizard of Oz… and even high-value thoroughbred horses…

And they’re constantly expanding their insurance business by snatching up other insurance companies.

Which means they acquire that company’s Float as well…

Giving them even more funds to invest with.

In fact, their recent European acquisition was called a “transformative deal,” nearly doubling the size of their investment portfolio.

That’s how Berkshire does it, and that’s how this company does it as well.

They both identify their target companies by evaluating them according to Buffett’s value-investing strategy.

Only this company does it better…

Outgaining Berkshire Hathaway’s 
Annual Returns By Over 3 to 1!

Please allow me to repeat myself:

This Compounding Machine has been beating Berkshire at their own game. Their annual returns have bested Berkshire by over 3 to 1 since 2015.

I doubt Berkshire will ever catch up. Why?

Because the Compounding Machine company has a three-pronged assault on the markets that should ensure its ongoing dominance over Berkshire for many years to come.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Before we get any further, let me introduce the man who brought all of this to my attention.

They call him…

“The Global Guru”

His name is Nicholas Vardy.

He’s been a special expert analyst on CNN International, Fox Business News, and even CNBC in Singapore.

He also writes regularly for MarketWatch.com, where his columns are regularly among the most read.

And his work has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money Central.

It’s his job to make money by playing the hottest markets and companies around the world…

Just like he’s doing for investors and himself today with the company I’ve been telling you about.

He takes his job quite seriously…

Which is why he’s trusted by so many.

Here’s what one subscriber, Steven H., had to say:

“…these past two months, I have increased the size of my portfolio MORE than during my years investing through a broker.”

Earning the trust of his subscribers worldwide has gotten Nick appointed to the position of Research Chief of Eagle Financial’s European region.

Whether he’s in London, Geneva, or the South of France, Nick’s able to draw on his extensive industry connections to further confirm what the smart money’s telling him:

Where the hottest markets and investments in the world are.

So, when his own research reveals a company that’s also owned by the world’s “Smart Money Masters”… that’s the ultimate confirmation of an investment’s profit potential.

These are the plays Nick chooses to pass onto investors like us, who then cash in on a regular basis, bagging…

Consistent Double- and Triple-Digit Winners Every Year

That has been Nick’s goal for you since he launched his brand-new service recently.

It’s called Smart Money Masters.

Frankly, bagging consistent double- and triple-digit wins is a breeze when you play the picks in his Smart Money Master’s portfolio…

Here is a quick glimpse on the kind of plays Nick recommends for his members:

I think you’ll agree that these are handsome gains in today’s volatile market.

Just like the profits that lie ahead for our Compounding Machine, because it’s only getting better at what it does…  

Remember, over the last five years, its shares have gained an average of 17.24% each year…

Or enough to double your money in just over 48 months.

And, in a moment, I’m going to share the reasons why it should be able to maintain that pace for years to come.

This Compounding Machine is just another example of Nick’s track record of success…

Especially when it comes to buying and holding quality stocks.

Despite what many analysts say, holding quality companies long-term is still one of the best ways to grow rich.

It doesn’t take long for even small gains to grow large enough to make a significant difference in your lifestyle.

Here’s the thing, though…

The company I’ve been describing to you isn’t just going to generate small gains over the years.

It’s the kind of stock that is poised to continue to outperform just as it’s done for decades.

Remember, it’s gained 9,540% in the last three decades, compared to the S&P 500 848%.

So, what made the difference?

3 Reasons Our Compounding Machine Will Continue to Crush Berkshire Hathaway Returns

Nick’s research has uncovered three strong reasons why our company should continue to beat the market and Berkshire Hathaway’s returns…

And potentially deliver you annual gains of 17.24% or more – with its present momentum of the last 5 years – if you get in now.

Berkshire Beater #1:
The 3% Solution: This company is just 3% the size of Berkshire Hathaway.

That’s a huge benefit…

Because Berkshire has actually gotten TOO BIG. They’ve become bloated. According to the New York Times

“…Berkshire is the fourth largest stock in the United States. As a result, Buffett isn’t able to inch in and out of stocks… Instead he takes enormous positions and hopes to never have to sell, sometimes buying entire companies outright.”

You see, our Buffett-beating company is smaller and more nimble, able to buy and sell quickly.

It can easily outmaneuver the gargantuan Berkshire Hathaway in their investing…

Which means it can exploit smaller, profitable plays that Berkshire has to pass on today.

More opportunities in smaller, fast-moving companies can produce much larger, quicker gains.

Berkshire Beater #2:
Management Stability: Berkshire Hathaway has always been, “The Warren Buffett Show.” So what next?

With Warren soon to be 87 years old, there’s a lot of speculation that he’ll retire soon — leaving a succession crisis.

Buffett isn’t helping the situation by being reluctant to officially name his successor, which only clouds Berkshire’s future even more, and makes shareholders even more uneasy.

Meanwhile, the Compounding Machine’s management team has copied every facet of Warren’s winning leadership style…

But it is as energized and enthusiastic as Buffett was in his prime.

Berkshire Beater #3:
Improving Performance: This company is getting better at making money.

As I said before, our Compounding Machine’s performance is only getting better. 

Firstly, over the last five years, shares have posted a 17.24% annual average…

That’s an improvement over the company’s historical average gain of 16.9%…

And enough to double your investment in just over  four years!

Secondly, it’s beat analysts’ earnings estimates 7 times over the last couple of years.

So, not only is this company on a 31-year roll, it’s getting better at making money. 

And it’s got everything going for it to continue its 5-year pace of 17.24% annual gains for years to come – perhaps even over the next decade.

Plays like this don’t come along every day.

A Twice-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Buying shares of a company like this is like getting into a time machine and buying shares of Berkshire 25 years ago…

Only better.

That’s because this company’s greatest growth still lies ahead…

In fact, in a decade from now, you could be looking back at years of monumental wealth building from this one company.

Then, you’ll realize what long-term Berkshire investors have known for years:

Investing in a company founded on value investing principles…

And super-charged with its own Float (or secret revenue stream) can be the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you play this company, you’ll be beating Warren at his own game by nailing down even bigger wins.

More importantly for you right now, the entire case for investing in this company is laid out in Nick’s latest, special investment report.


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This one guide alone could give you a strong, wealthy, and safe retirement.

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