Dear Reader,

Few investors know this form exists.

It’s never discussed on the financial cable channels…

The Wall Street Journal rarely mentions it…

Yet, within its pages, you’ll find the true key to building real wealth.

Beginning on Page 11 of this form, you’ll discover investment ideas capable of handing you a stream of double- and even triple-digit gains in as little as 12 months.

For instance, just one of these “Page 11 Stocks” delivered gains of 375% on shares in this niche travel company in about 18 months.

Another one produced 224% gains from an airline stock in roughly 16 months.

A third investment peaked out at 211% gains from this healthcare company in roughly 18 months.

These triple-digit returns are just the tip of the money iceberg… a mere sampling of the kind of money you could be making once you know the secrets hidden on Page 11 of this form.

So, what makes this form so powerfully profitable?

Well, there’s an old saying in the stock market:

“If you want to make money,
follow the smart money.”

This document is like having your own personal “all-access pass” to the smartest money around…

Because, on Page 11, this form reveals the real-world, private money investments of some of the biggest and most successful investors on the planet.

I’ll show you exactly who these guys are in a moment…

But, I can tell you here, these guys are the real “Smart Money”.

We’re talking the richest of the rich… the top 1% of the top 1% of investors.

All totaled, the Smart Money controls over $3 trillion of investment capital.

That’s some serious clout.

And Page 11 of this obscure little form lets you peek inside their private portfolios to uncover exactly where they’re investing.

This simple knowledge can prove to be exceptionally profitable…

Because when the Smart Money moves into a stock…

Shares can take off.

Take a look below. In just about 12 months, these “Page 11 Stocks” produced gains of:

Using this obscure document to follow these Smart Money investments may be one of the most powerful, yet simplest investment strategies ever.

Yet, it’s virtually unknown to most regular investors…

Simply because they don’t know about this form, what it holds, and how to use it for profit.

Which is too bad for them…

But great for you, because you’re about to discover how to harness the very real profit power of these “Page 11 Stocks”.

I’m going to show you the simplest, fastest way possible to use this form to gain access to real Smart Money investments…

Each capable of handing you double- and even triple-digit gains in the next 12 months.

As I showed you, just one “Page 11 Stock” hidden in this form cranked out a whopping 375% in about 18 months…

Enough to turn $1,000 into $4,750, or $10,000 into $47,500.

Another one churned out 133% in just one year…

Enough to turn $1,000 into $2,330, or $10,000 into $23,300.

Don’t worry.

It’s 100% legal for you to access the information in this form.

However, you’d have to spend weeks, if not months, digging into federal archives in search of these forms…

And sit up late at night poring over every entry on every page of every form (there are thousands to go through every year).

And once you’ve dug into the Smart Money ideas on Page 11, you’d still have to research and analyze each of these unique investment ideas.

Or, you can pay attention to what I’m about to share with you.

I just showed you how the unique ideas the Smart Money uncovers could’ve let you rack up great gains in just about 12 months.

Well, these “Page 11 Stocks” can set you up for outstanding longer term gains as well.

For instance, if you’d followed the Smart Money into shares of Celanese (CE) back in 2010… you’d be sitting on gains of 219% today.

Here’s another gain worth waiting for: Shares of Westlake Chemical Corp. (WLKP) could have handed you gains as high as 714% in just about 27 months.

How nice would it be to collect a 142% gain? That’s how far shares of SLM Corp. have risen since 2010.

When you know how this form unlocks the secrets of Smart Money investors, you’ll be able to crank out gains like these on a regular basis.

And you won’t have to be a billionaire investor to do it.

In fact, if you have an active brokerage account and a few thousand dollars to invest, you can get started today.

So, pull up a chair, take your seat at the most exclusive table in the world, and listen in as the Masters of the Smart Money reveal where they’re investing.

Before getting to them, though, let me make a point:

Successful investing is not a trick. It doesn’t happen overnight, or by wishing.

It’s all about knowledge, and hard work. It’s a life-long learning process.

There is no other secret to becoming a successful investor.

However, you’re about to discover something very few investors ever realize…

There is a way to significantly shorten this learning curve that can give you years of investing experience in almost no time at all.

Tapping into the best investment ideas from the Smart Money lets you harness their decades of expertise and know-how to line your own pockets.

This is a completely different world of investing…

The world of elite money. The cream of the crop. Masters of the stock market…

Millionaire and billionaire investors with years of experience.

That’s why I simply call them Masters of the Smart Money.

These guys are the biggest investors in the world. Together, they control over $3 trillion of investment capital.

And when they make a move into a stock, it’s a solid sign they see it as an exceptional opportunity.

You’ve probably heard of some of these Masters:

Warren Buffett… his partner Charlie MungerGeorge SorosCarl IcahnJohn Paulson

These guys are practically household names when it comes to making money.

But they’re not the only Masters you should keep your eye on.

Men like David EinhornJohn RogersJulian RobertsonJoel GreenblattDonald YacktmanDavid DremenDavid Swenson

If you know some of these names… congratulations. You pay more attention to the world of finance than most folks. I commend you for that.

However, even though you know the names of some of these guys…

There’s very little chance you’d ever get to invest with them.

The Masters of the Smart Money have such solid, proven track records, and their skills are in such high demand…

Well, frankly, they can charge outrageous minimums just to get a foot in the door.

Some require a minimum investment as high as $10 million.

That seems a little outrageous for regular folks like you and me.

Most of us will never have the kind of money it takes to gain admission to the inner circle of these Masters of the
Smart Money

And that’s where that obscure federal form comes in.

I’ll show you how in a moment.

First, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Roger Michalski.

I’m the publisher of a conservative, independent-minded research firm called Eagle Financial Publications.

Eagle’s objective is simple: to publish unique investment ideas… expert insights… and little-known investment strategies… from some of the sharpest minds in the business.

These strategies are all built on a single idea: to let you take down the most money from the market without taking on a lot of risk.

Keeping true to this goal is why I’m coming to you today.

See, for over a decade now, it’s been my pleasure to bring the work of one of the most original and captivating researchers in the business to our readers.

His name is Nicholas Vardy. (Nick to his friends.)

He’s a market analyst with 20 years’ experience under his belt.

Unlike a lot of folks who follow the markets, Nick has a unique background that’s helped him develop a diverse and disciplined approach to the market.

Instead of business or finance, he majored in Economics and History at Stanford University – graduating with honors and distinction.

His great love and respect for history drove him to get his master’s degree in Modern European Intellectual History.

After winning an elite Fulbright Scholarship, he decided to pursue a new field of interest – the law. So Nick attended Harvard Law School where he received his J.D. degree.

What I love about working with Nick is his unstoppable intellectual curiosity.

He’s constantly looking to expand his base of knowledge, whether it’s intellectual history… or the law… or economics…

And he dedicates himself completely and totally to everything he sets his mind to accomplish.

In 1997, he became interested in finance and the markets. Like everything he does, he’s thrown himself into it wholeheartedly.

He’s been working in financial and market research ever since.

And he must be doing something right, because his insights have been in demand as a commentator on the markets. His work has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Fox Business News, Marketwatch, Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money Central.

Nick’s reputation as an analyst has been built on a solid foundation of exceptional research.

Research is the name of the game in finance… the bread and butter of every market-based business. Without the right research, you’re just guessing.  

No one digs as deeply, or researches as thoroughly, as Nick.  

Which is how Nick discovered the path to significantly shortening the investment “learning curve”…

A path that begins on Page 11 of that mysterious federal form.

Nick calls it his money trail

Because it leads him to the top investments of the 50 Smartest Money managers in the world.

From there, Nick whittles the list down to the best ideas from these Masters to create a straightforward, easy-to-use portfolio of their best picks.

When I saw for myself the stocks he selected, I knew I had to share it with you today.

It’s an impressive portfolio of 7 of these “Page 11 stocks” – all favorites of the Smart Money – and each one a consistent money maker.

And Nick’s brought all 7 of them together for you in a brand new special investor report. 

It’s called, 7 Stocks from the Trillion Dollar Club.

Let me show you a little about each of these can’t-miss plays: 

Smart Money Masters Stock #1: One of The Greatest Retail Stocks in the World

Founded in 1976, this company has been a favorite of the Masters of the Smart Money for years now. And for very good reason: it is a huge money maker.

Currently boasting a $71 billion market cap and $116.2 billion in annual sales, the company operates 690 locations, including 482 in the United States and Puerto Rico… 90 in Canada… 36 in Mexico… 27 in the United Kingdom… 23 in Japan… 12 in Korea… 11 in Taiwan… 7 in Australia… and 2 in Spain.

The company is unique for several reasons. First: Pricing. You’ll never find anything cheaper at one of their stores (hint: it’s NOT Walmart). Second: Amazing customer loyalty.

I said it was a huge money-maker. Here’s why: since 1982, accounting for stock splits, shares have gone up 18,369%. And they’re still heading higher – in just the last 12 months, shares are up about 11%.

As a kicker, the stock pays a dividend of 45 cents a share, so you can get paid just for owning it.

Looking ahead, many Masters of the Smart Money are expecting shares to keep on cranking out the money. In fact, 74% of all active shares are owned by big investors. Now, that’s what I call confidence in a stock!

Smart Money Masters Stock #2: A Contrarian Bet on Global Shipping

Why would anyone ever want to invest in a shipping company? It’s a volatile and unreliable sector. But that hasn’t stopped one Master from cashing in big time on the one shipping sector that’s thriving: the transportation of volatile oil and gas products.

Fracking and other technologies have unleashed an energy revolution across the planet. Production of LNG (liquid natural gas), LPG (liquid petroleum gas), ethane and ethylene has exploded in North America.

As the demand for these inexpensive gasses and volatile liquids soars, so does the need for specialized carriers to ship these products from continent to continent. And the company this Master favors owns a global fleet specializing in liquefied gas products.

Now, when I say “favors,” that’s a bit of an understatement… as he’s bought 39.4% of its shares.

That’s one of the tell-tale signs Nick looks for – huge confidence in a position – because no investor’s going to sink that much money into a stock unless he believes there are going to be some big rewards. So far, his decision has been proven right. Shares are up 25% since the beginning of the year – a sweet 64% over the past 3 months. And Nick sees plenty of reasons for this stock to keep going up.

Smart Money Masters Stock #3:
The Little Giant of Media Companies

While giant mega-companies like Comcast are pretty much household names, few outside of the Masters of the Smart Money know about this media upstart. Instead of running cables and selling broadband access, this company acts more as a “holding company” – taking huge shares in other media corporations to increase value and leverage growth.

So far, its strategy is paying off nicely. Last year, the company delivered an annualized return of 13% over the last 10 years – beating both the S&P 500 (7.7%)… and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (7.5%).

Here’s another example of a Master taking an enormous position in a stock. He’s in it for one reason only – he’s expecting to make a lot of money.

One of the most prominent Masters has bought 5.81% of one of this company’s subsidiary’s outstanding shares. According to Nick, this stock accounts for an eye popping 20.2% of this man’s entire investment portfolio, making it his largest position.

And I’m sure this Master is liking what he’s seeing so far – over the past year, shares are up 61.2%… with a lot more to go.

Smart Money Masters Stock #4:
Fast Food Feeding Frenzy

When Nick tracks the activities of the Masters, he looks for specific tell-tale indicators – like when one or more members take a HUGE position in one stock.

Well, that’s this one. One of the Masters of the Smart Money has invested almost 35% of his entire portfolio into this little known fast-food owner… a whopping $1.74 billion worth of shares.

Now that’s commitment to a stock! A commitment like that is as close to a sure sign of future profits as you can get.

No billionaire money manager is going to risk his reputation on that big a position in one single stock unless he’s convinced it’s going to be a winner for years down the line.

These are 4 of the top 7 stocks
Nick’s collected from the
Masters of the Smart Money.

Nick has been following the stock movements of these Masters for years now…

But it’s only in the last 12 months or so that he’s perfected his simple strategy for skimming off their best ideas.

He looks for just two key elements:

Element #1: Stocks that have been receiving the most attention from the Masters.

Some stocks offer such strong money-making potential that you see the Smart Money swarm over shares like sharks at a feeding frenzy.

When Nick sees that kind of swarm of investment, that’s a telltale sign the stock’s a solid buy, and poised for years of gains.

Element #2: Stocks that have received HUGE interest from a single Master.

When one of the Masters of the Smart Money moves billions of dollars into a single stock, most folks only see the headline about the share purchase…

What few ever know about is that the Smart Money has already spent months on due diligence and tens of thousands of dollars in research… before they ever buy a single share of stock.

They bring in private equity experts, and they work with the companies they’re investing in to create the most value possible from their massive positions.

Once they’ve got all their ducks in a row, once every detail is uncovered and investigated…

And they’re confident they’ll be able to squeeze every last drop of profit from the position…

Then, and only then, do they make a move.

So when you see a Master moving billions of dollars into a single stock, you can be sure that he’s already taken every step possible to ensure this stock will make him money.

For instance, one of these elite investors has poured a whopping $1.74 billion into just one stock. That’s close to 35% of his entire portfolio. I’ll tell you about those shares in a minute.

There’s no way on earth he’d pile that kind of money into a single stock unless he’d already worked out all the details of exactly how much money he was going to make.

I’ll show you that stock and the other investments in Nick’s Smart Money Masters Portfolio in a moment.

First, I’d bet by now, you must be wondering how this all relates to this mysterious form I’ve been telling you about.

Well, I think now’s the time to tell you.

The Masters of the Smart Money represent the smartest money in the world with assets totalling over $3 trillion.

By law, these expert money managers are required to file this obscure form every quarter…

And on Page 11 of this form, they must disclose every stock they’re investing in.

If you didn’t know about this form, you’d have no way of knowing about the stocks getting the most attention from the Masters of the Smart Money.

Now, I suppose you could go out and hunt down this form for each of the 50 Masters of the Smart Money Nick follows to create your own list of stocks… but that won’t be easy.

There are thousands of money managers in the U.S. today – everything from hedge funds to insurance companies to pension funds.

Every quarter, thousands of money managers file tens of thousands of pages of these forms.

It would take you weeks, if not months, to go through all the forms in just one filing period.

No one has time for that.

Fortunately, you won’t have to do any of that, because Nick’s doing all the hard work for you.

Every quarter, Nick goes over all the top investments of the top 50 investment managers in the country.

He carefully tracks each of the major positions for each Master

He knows when they’re increasing a position, when they’re selling, when they’re rebalancing their portfolios…

He watches it all. 

But it doesn’t end there.

Once he has his working list of Masters of the Smart Money stocks, Nick goes through each one with a fine tooth comb, making sure it meets his strict requirements for success.  

When he finds a stock he’s convinced will be a successful long-term investment – capable of cranking out profits for years, not just a few months – then, and only then, does he recommend its shares.

Giving him the type of plays you’ll find in his special report, The Top 7 Stocks from the Trillion Dollar Club.

Now, let me share the last three of those with you…

Smart Money Masters Stock #5:
An Emerging Giant in Cashless Payment Systems

The world is swiftly moving away from paying with cash, checks, and even credit cards… and transitioning to fully electronic payments. And this favorite of the Smart Money is moving swiftly into this $25 trillion market.

It’s only traded publicly since 2015, but new capabilities have allowed it to become the preferred payment service for Apple, AirBnB and Uber, as well as traditional retailers like Walmart, CVS and Rite-Aid.

Not only that, it’s perfectly positioned itself to “disrupt” the $600 billion “remittance market” – a world once dominated by Western Union.

Shares are up about 14% since the IPO – good news to many of the Masters of the Smart Money, who already own 87% of shares available.

Fortunately for you, a slight downturn in share price gives you the ideal opportunity to get into them at a decent discount before they continue their upward movement.

Smart Money Masters Stock #6:
The Biggest Name in a Specialty Niche

As I mentioned earlier, when one of the Masters sinks considerable capital into a position, he does it for one reason – he knows, in his bones, it’s going to be a consistent money maker.

Well, this specialty stock is the biggest position held by one Master… 20% of his entire portfolio is tied up in these shares – a position worth nearly $30 billion. In fact, he has so much confidence in this stock, he bought up 25% of the entire company.

His confidence is well founded. The company has a lock on consumers – its recession-proof products can be found in 98% of North American households. Shares are up about 23% over the past 12 months, and it pays a nice dividend on top of that.

Smart Money Masters Stock #7:
Reading the Mind of the Smartest Money Master

This one man may be the smartest of the Masters. He’s built one of the greatest money-making machines in history. He did it by taking long-term positions in companies with long-term potential. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for an average investor to pony up the money required to invest alongside this Master

However, Nick’s discovered a way to tap into this market wizard’s shrewdest investments – without it costing you an arm and a leg. It’s a simple and elegant solution that lets you sneak in on this Master’s best ideas by only owning this one stock.

So there you have it… the top 7 stocks Nick’s identified as the favorites of the Masters of the Smart Money.

That’s 7 individual stock recommendations. If we were to charge $49 for each individual recommendation, it would represent a total value of $343.

I’ve seen these recommendations for myself… and they’re worth every penny.

Each details a truly exceptional opportunity for long-term profit, as all 7 plays offer:

That’s the trifecta of investing, as far as I’m concerned.

That’s why I’d like to get all 7 of these stock recommendations into your hands right now.

They’re yours – free – as part of your Welcome Package when you become a Charter Member of Nicholas Vardy’s brand new research newsletter, Smart Money Masters

Since 2007, Nick Vardy has been showing individuals like you how to make consistent money in the market…

“Higher than 100%”
“Mr. Vardy has made a powerful change in my investment life. I have lost count of the number of trades that have returned me higher than 100%. I want to express my deepest appreciation for Mr. Vardy.”
Dean W.

“My portfolio has grown steadily and rapidly…”
Nicholas Vardy’s coverage of the many markets has brought to my attention many winners I never could have found on my own. My portfolio has grown steadily and rapidly ever since I signed up with him a few seasons ago. I just can’t go wrong with Nicholas.
John E., California

“Done exceedingly well!”
 “I’ve only invested in a couple of your recommendations so far, but they’ve both done exceedingly well, and I plan to cancel my other investment services and follow [you] exclusively.” 
Sidney Y.

That’s what some folks have had to say about Nick’s work in the past.  

Now, you have the chance to cash in on Nick’s research into the Masters of the Smart Money

As a Charter Member of Smart Money Masters.

When you join, Nick has prepared two more must-see reports for you.

The first is designed to get you quickly up to speed – to shorten the learning curve, if you will – for investing alongside the Masters.

It’s the Smart Money Masters Quick Start Guide.

This handy Guide lets you hit the ground running as a new subscriber to Smart Money Masters… including a complete list of the top 50 money managers Nick follows… the simple first steps to take today to get the most out of your membership… and much more.

We could easily charge $49 for access to all the proprietary details in this guide.  

Yet it’s yours, free, as a member of Smart Money Masters.

The second report I have for you is one you’re going to want to dig into as soon as you get it, because it brings you deep inside some of the biggest Institutional Money Managers in the country.

In Hedge Fund Secrets of the Masters, Nick introduces you to the same techniques he developed to manage a top-performing hedge fund back in 2001 and 2002. When you’re done with this report, you’ll know the steps you need to take when it’s time to preserve your capital… and the smartest ways to lock in gains and let your winners run.

Another $49 value, this report is also yours free as a Charter Member of Smart Money Masters.

All 3 of these reports – The Top 7 Stocks from the Trillion Dollar Club… The Smart Money Masters Quick Start Guide… and the Hedge Fund Secrets of the Masters…

Are yours – free of charge – when you join Nick today as a Charter Member of his just-launched investment advisory, Smart Money Masters.


Investing in the best ideas of the best money managers is a proven success formula…

And Nick’s strategy can produce better gains than the richest of the rich are getting on their money in these private money funds.  

Here’s why.

See, many of the Masters of the Smart Money have become victims of their own greed.

Minimum investments of $1 million… $2 million… even as high as $10 million… are not unheard of.

On top of that, many will charge management fees of at least 2% of the portfolio’s value…

Then, on top of that, they demand 20% of the profits they make.

Heck, some managers are charging as much as 30-80% of the profits!

That’s crazy.

Yet, their rich clients continue to line up to do business with them even as these fat fees eat into their returns.

However, there’s something these rich guys don’t realize…

Something that you now know.

You don’t have to pay outrageous fees to make huge profits from the Masters.

By simply cherry-picking the best ideas of these fund managers… and then investing in just those ideas, and NOT the entire fund…

You can beat these money managers at their own game.

Nick’s strategy lets you make a killing off the best ideas of these money managers… without paying outrageous minimums, or return-crippling fees.  

As I showed you earlier, if you focus only on the top ideas from these managers, they can produce gains of 375% in about 18 months… 224% in roughly 16 months… 211% in about 18 months…

In just 12 months, their best ideas have delivered gains 133%… 87%… 85%… 80%… 72%… to name just a few.

This is why I think this opportunity to become a Charter Member of Nicholas Vardy’s new service, Smart Money Masters, could be so important to you now.

In addition to all your free reports, you’ll be entitled to receive:

It’s all yours when you become a Charter Member of Smart Money Masters – risk-free – today.

Since 2007, Nicholas Vardy has been directing readers to outstanding gains…

Here’s what some other folks have had to say about Nick’s work:

Vardy is a “standout”
“Nicholas Vardy is a standout in the global advisory world. In my 25 years of monitoring the financial newsletter industry, I have found few advisors whose stock picking talents are as consistently impressive.”
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Better than a broker
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“Great trades” since subscribing
“I’ve followed Nick’s advice and made some great trades in the short time I’ve been a subscriber.”
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Well, let’s add up all you’re going to get in this impressive package if you respond today:

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So, how much would you expect to pay for a package as valuable as this one? 

The regular list price for a one-year subscription for all the fast-moving, wealth-building research you’ll get in Smart Money Masters is only $249… a bargain in and of itself.

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I will give you two additional special investor reports:

BONUS Report #3: The Top 15 Stocks to Play Today
In this Special Investment Report, you’ll find 15 of the best investments for today’s market… the top stocks hand-picked by all five of Eagle Financial Publications’ top editors.

In addition to Nick’s top three plays, you’ll get the top three recommendations from world-renowned economist Dr. Mark Skousen (named one of the Top 20 Living Economists in the World)… ETF guru Jim Woods… income expert Bryan Perry… and retirement specialist Robert Carlson.

BONUS Report #4: Charlie Munger: 5 Business Strategies from Warren Buffett’s “Mastermind” Business Partner

Charlie Munger is one of the most talented, experienced and profitable investors around… and these are five of his most important business strategies every investor needs to master for continued success.

Knowing, understanding, and implementing these strategies can mean the difference between growing your wealth consistently… or losing your money to weak stocks and half-baked investment schemes.

The reports alone in the two-year option give you access to a total of 22 unique profit opportunities for mere pennies a day.


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Of course, if you have any questions and concerns, you can always reach out by phone or email… and a member of our Smart Money Masters Customer Care team will be there to help you sort through any confusion.

In this message, I’ve shown you everything you need to know about Nick’s research into the power of investing with the Masters of the Smart Money.

I’ve shared with you the power of Form 13-F for uncovering the best investment ideas from the Smart Money… and how Nick’s made the process easy by doing all the hard research for you.

I’ve shown you how cherry-picking the best ideas from their portfolios can produce outstanding gains – as high as 375% – while avoiding the outrageous fees and minimums.

And I’ve shared with you a little bit about each of the Top 7 Investments of the Trillion Dollar Club.

Investments that could be handing you double- and possibly even triple-digit gains over the next 12 months.

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Successful investing is not a trick. It doesn’t happen overnight, or by wishing.

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