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Dear Investor,

When you come across an investment that’s…

There’s really only one way to refer to it: The Greatest Wealth Compounding Machine of Our Time.

Even if you don’t agree with the name I’ve given this company, you cannot deny its track record is one investors would die for.

But I wouldn’t have contacted you today if I had just wanted to talk about its past performance – that wouldn’t do you any good at all.

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Which is exactly what we have here according to one of Eagle Financial Publication’s leading analysts: Nicholas Vardy.

You see, Nick’s been tracking this company’s outperformance for years…

He’s seen it return 26.7% annually to investors over the last five years… And he’s seen it pummel earnings estimates the last two quarters.

In fact, Nick first recommended this company to his investors more than two years ago.

Since then, they’re up 45% on it while the Dow returned a measly 7.61% for those two years.

More importantly, right now, Nick’s research indicates this company’s going to continue to soar – and annual gains of 26.7% may be the low end of what you can make in the coming year.

That’s why I’m contacting you today, to tell you how to get the name of this company – The Greatest Compounding Machine of Our Time…

Along with all of the research and recommendations Nick makes for investors in The Alpha Investor Letter.

The Alpha Investor Letter is Nick’s monthly advisory that gives you unlimited access to his latest research into the hottest stocks in the market today.

With 20 years of market experience under his belt… Nick has a unique background… studying both Economics and History at Stanford University – graduating with honors and distinction…

He has a master’s degree in Modern European Intellectual History… and he’s even earned a law degree from Harvard.

In 1997, he turned his attention to finance and the markets. And, like everything he does, he’s thrown himself into it wholeheartedly.

He must be doing something right… because he’s been a special expert analyst on CNN International… appearing on The Other Europe and World Business Tonight many times.

He also publishes articles in diverse publications such as The New RepublicThe World and I… and The Baker & McKenzie Legal Review.

Plus, his work has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Fox Business News, Marketwatch, Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money Central.

Nick’s reputation is built on finding the best opportunities for profit from stocks both here and around the world. And then delivering those ideas through the pages of The Alpha Investor Letter.

Since 2007, The Alpha Investor Letter has been helping individuals like you make money in the market…

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As a new subscriber to Nicholas Vardy’s The Alpha Investor Letter… you’re entitled to immediately receive these two special reports, prepared especially for readers responding today.

Special Investor Report #1
CompoundingBuy This Compounding Machine and Double Your Money in 3 Years

This fast reading reports gives you all the details of the company that’s generated an average annual gain of 17.5% over the last 29 years, and 26.7% over the last five years… You’ll get its name and ticker symbol… and Nick’s complete analysis into why he’s convinced this company is set up to continue delivering market-crushing returns for years – if not decades – to come.

Special Bonus Report #2
BeatBerkshireBeat Berkshire for a Decade: A Pair of Plays for the Next 10 Years

This report features two investments that have crushed the returns of Berkshire Hathaway. They include a well-known tech titan that’s beaten Berkshire’s gains by 117% over last five years, along with an unmistakable housing market brand that’s beaten Buffett’s baby by a whopping 231% since 2011

Both of these reports – The Compounding Machine… and Beat Berkshire for a Decade… are yours – free of charge – when you join Nick as a member of are yours – free of charge – when you join Nick as a member of The Alpha Investor Letter today.

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The Alpha Investor Letter Weekly Hotline — Delivered straight from Nick’s desk to your email inbox every Wednesday, so you’re always abreast of the newest developments in each of his recommendations (plus what’s on his radar for the near future).


Global Spotlight — Here’s where you’ll get a brief synopsis of what’s happening in the world, with special concentration on how these events and conditions affect markets and smart-money investment trends.


24/7 Access to The Alpha Investor Website — Once you sign up, you’ll get round-the-clock, password-protected access to the entire gamut of resources: stock research and portfolios, archives of all past and current issues, updates, reports, and more.


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Special Bonus Report #3
AlphaOppAlpha Opportunities: Where the Smart Money Is Investing Now

This report reveals five, excellent money-making opportunities, including: a play Warren Buffett is pursuing that capitalizes on fracking, the company positioned to become the “GE of the 21st Century”, the best way to make money from an emerging-market rally, and two more under-the-radar picks positioned to soar soon.

Special Bonus Report #4
IPOIPO Backdoor: Claim Your Share of the Millions Made Each Month from Public Offerings

In this report, you’ll learn the secret to cashing in on Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), even though most U.S. offerings individually lose money. With this play you can get into a wide swath of offerings and still make money, because the gains of the winners can easily make up for the losers.

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Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

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Includes FOUR Special Reports:

  1. The Greatest Wealth Compounding Machine of Our Time…
  2. Beat Buffett for a Decade: A Pair of Plays for the Next 10 Years…
  3. Alpha Opportunities: Where the Smart Money Is Investing Now…and
  4. IPO Backdoor: Claim Your Share of the Millions Made Each Month from Public Offerings

Includes TWO Special Reports:

  1. The Greatest Wealth Compounding Machine of Our Time…and
  2. Beat Buffett for a Decade: A Pair of Plays for the Next 10 Years