Do You Own the Most Powerful Company in the World?

It has a bigger impact on the global economy than Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom… Returned 1,981% to investors in the last 16 years… And looks even more profitable in the years ahead.

In this report, discover this company’s name, along with 3 other ways to profit from it, offering gains as high as 127% in the next 12 months alone.

Dear Reader,

Recently one of the most brilliant financial analysts in the world invited me to lunch.

He’s an old friend.

And a valuable business contact.

He’s the de-facto expert on how the machinery of the global economy works.

To date he’s written several books that are the gold standard on the subject.

Here’s what the dean of business at the University of Utah had to say about one of his books:

“It’s a one-stop, exhaustive collection of data providing factual perspectives on all major economic issues, institutions, and fundamentals that affect every citizen.”

I’m glad to call him my friend and colleague.

So I eagerly accepted the lunch date.

We met at a café in Mayfair, England.

We shook hands and began catching up on old times and family.

Then the conversation took a turn.

He told me about his latest, months-long research project… the results of which shocked me to the core…

More importantly, they started me down the path that’s led me to you today…

And to share the opportunities I’m about to reveal…

This Top 10 List Could Make You Wealthy

My friend is Patric Hale, and the goal of his research project was to identify the most powerful financial forces in the world. The economic entities that run our global lives.

He created this list by combining information from four main sources:

From all of this data he created an algorithm that defined each of these entities’ economic power and influence on the global economy.

And from there, he ranked them, calling his list, The Hale Index of the Top 500 Global Economic Entities.

The list I showed you earlier contains the Top 10 entities from his list. These are the strongest economic entities in the world today. Here’s that list again:

Now when most people think of economic powerhouses – they figure these would mostly be first-world nations with oil-rich states.

And – looking at the list – they’d be right.

As you can see, the economies of the U.S. and China are first and second, respectively. Followed by the economies of other developed nations.

However, what shocked me, and the reason I’m telling you this, is what I saw ranked 3rd in his list.

It was a single, U.S.-based company…

Which makes it the single-most-powerful company on the planet – according to my friend’s research.

But it’s not one of the names who you might think.

Not Apple, Microsoft, or GE.

Which, in and of itself, is quite remarkable.

In fact, it’s a company you’d probably never guess in a million years – even though – according to my friend’s formula – it has a value of $4.32 trillion!

That’s bigger than Germany or Japan or the United Kingdom’s massive economies.

Even more remarkable is the fact this company has only been around for 27 years. And it’s only been publicly traded since 1999.

So, in less than 3 decades, it’s built itself up to 70 offices, located in 30 countries; serving clients in more than 100 nations.

In some ways, it’s similar to Berkshire Hathaway.

Yet it dwarfs the Oracle of Omaha’s empire in sheer size and global impact.

Even as enormous as it is, it has outperformed Berkshire by 77% over the last 10 years.

The King of America’s Fortune 500

It’s so powerful – that the company’s CEO wrote a letter to the top executives of the 500 largest publicly listed U.S. companies demanding they create more value for shareholders – or risk losing his firm’s support.

That’s a lot of power.

But here’s what really gets my adrenalin flowing.

In the 16 years since it went public it handed investors an extraordinary 1,981% gain.

That’s 33x greater than the returns of the Dow in that time…

Meaning, every $10,000 invested in 1999 would have turned into $208,151 by now.

While that past performance is remarkable…

My research indicates what lies ahead for this business could be even more impressive.

Today, I want to share that information with you – along with the company’s name.

And tell you why I’m convinced it has the horsepower to create life-changing gains for years – even decades – to come.

Will it generate another 1,981% in gains over the next 16 years? It could – and I’ll happily wait patiently to see.

But it also offers a number of ways for investors to earn additional profits –in a fraction of the time…

Simply by piggybacking on the investments this $4.3 trillion titan makes.

Specifically, I’ll share three of these piggyback plays… investments that offer you the chance to earn annual gains of 127% or more.

So let’s get started.

Here’s How to Make Microsoft Gains Look Like Peanuts

Those big boy stocks like Microsoft, AT&T, and GE have turned a lot of investors into millionaires over the years.

But as you’re about to see, their profit sprees pale in comparison to this company’s.

Here, take a look at this chart:

As you can see, $50,000 invested in AT&T would have given you $68,665 over that 16-year period…

While $50,000 in GE would have made you $69,280 in that time.

And if you’d put that $50,000 in Microsoft, you’d have made $73,400.

Now compare that to the $1,040,755 you could have banked by investing that same $50,000 in the world’s most powerful company.

It’s really no contest.

But here’s something else to consider.

My own research indicates that the company’s prospects for future profits like those is a virtual certainty…

Because this company’s success is largely based on two things: its ungodly size and its unmatched industry knowledge

Let’s talk about the company’s size, first… I’ll get to its brain trust later.

It’s estimated that the world’s combined assets total about $150T (for trillion). If true, then this company controls about 3% of that.

But it only took 27 years for the business to grow that large.

That’s astounding, and almost unbelievable…

Until you understand how the company makes money.

It invests in everything: stocks, bonds, sovereign debt, commodities, hedge-funds, ETF’s, you name it.

At $4.3 trillion worth of economic might, it’s easily the biggest investment company in the world.

And that’s why it rolls along impervious to oil busts, tech-booms, and politics.

The pitfalls that eventually flatten most sure thing stocks.

That’s what I really like about this company. It’s built to outlast everything out there.

Before sharing its name with you, though… allow me to…

Thank You For this Opportunity to Meet

Hello. My name is Nicholas Vardy.

If my name sounds familiar, it’s because you may have seen me on Fox Business and CNN International. Or you may have seen my name in The Wall Street Journal or Forbes, or my columns in Dow Jones MarketWatch, and Yahoo! Finance.

I quit the ivory walls of the City of London (Europe’s Wall Street) as part of a team that was responsible for a billion dollars in emerging market assets. I left behind the endless meetings, the suit and tie and daily work commute lifestyle – and now I work as an independent analyst for investors like you.

My job is to help make people outside the professional investing world wealthy. And I do that by showing them where to put their money across 47 international markets.

Because no matter what’s happening here at home, there’s always money to be made elsewhere. Why limit yourself to just one market?

That’s why I live in Europe – and whether I’m in London, Geneva or the South of France, I’m able to draw on my extensive connections to help investors make money in the hottest markets on the planet.

Here’s what one of my satisfied readers, Edward J., from North Carolina, has to say about my research:

“These past two months, I have increased the size of my portfolio MORE than during my years investing through a broker.”

He’s not the only one counting his new profits. There are many others. Here’s what two more readers report:

“I plan to cancel my other investment services and follow Alpha Investor Letter exclusively.” – Sidney Y.

“I have lost count of the number of trades that have returned me higher than 100%.” – Dean W.

But this message isn’t about me.

It’s about you…

And making enough money from the world’s most powerful company to re-write your life.

So far, I’ve shared how it’s made 1,981% gains for investors since it went public in 1999…

And how it’s crushed the Dow’s returns, 33-1…

While that performance is impressive, you’re probably more interested in what lies ahead…

Clearly it’s feeding off of today’s market volatility.

In fact, since summer’s end, this stock has racked up 20.25% gains…

That’s 180.8% better than the Dow’s done in that time, and 268.8% better than the S&P 500! See for yourself, below:

And I really don’t see that upward price path changing as we move into the next year…

Or the next decade for that matter.

Will this company rocket another 1,981% over the next 16 years? It could.

That’s why now’s the time to scoop up shares…

And ensure that you’re along for the entire ride from the world’s most powerful company.

I’ll show you exactly how you can do that through a new report I’ve just completed on this company. It’s called:

How to Play the Most Powerful Company in the World For Life-Changing Gains.

In just a few minutes you could be reading this report… and finding out the company’s name and ticker symbol.

But that’s not the only thing you’ll find in this special report.

I’ve also included the names and ticker symbols of the three investments I told you about earlier…

Plays you can make today that let you invest alongside the most powerful company in the world…

To pull down profits as high as 127% in the next 12 months alone!

How can I be so sure of gains like that in the next year? Because, not only did my own research identify these plays as the place to be in the next year…

They’re the same investments identified by the experts at the most powerful company in the world… using their industry-leading technology.

So all you have to do to profit is…

Piggyback on What the Experts Are Investing In Today

Not only does this company have an army of experts as the core of its brain trust…

It’s recognized industry-wide as the place where the best minds in the world work.

Business Insider reports that this company is the best employer in finance.

And they’re joined in this opinion by none other than the U.S. Government.

You see, when the historic market meltdown of 2008 arrived, this company’s experts had already identified the approaching crisis and swiftly moved investments out of harm’s way…

Recognizing this expertise, the Feds turned to them for help in improving the country’s investment risk management.

Of that expertise, the Economist reported the following:

“[the company’s] single-minded focus on mastering risk is to be commended. If its peers in the financial world had taken the same approach in the run-up to 2008, much of the chaos of the past five years would have been averted.”

But it’s not just the brilliant analysts of this company driving its investments today…

The 3rd most powerful economic force on the planet also boasts one of the most advanced computer systems in existence today…

Its multi-billion dollar network is known as Aladdin – and it was created to search the markets for anything that could go wrong.

According to Vanity Fair, Aladdin consists of 5,000 computers running 24 hours a day, managed by teams of engineers, mathematicians, analysts, and programmers. And it’s so powerful, it crunches 200 million calculations every week.

So where do the world’s greatest financial minds – using the industry’s best resources – look for consistent gains and reduced risk?

Right in their own backyard, it turns out…

They created and acquired a family of investments that track stock and bond indexes across 47 international markets.

More importantly for you today…

Out of these 47 global markets, the analysts at this company have identified three in particular poised for accelerated growth.

And my own research backs up their findings.

So let’s take a look at them now.

Financial Force Play #1:
Accumulate Wealth from the New “Asian Miracle” Story

The first one is a play that’s off the radar of most investors.

It covers a new rising economic power in the Pacific Ocean that I call the “Asian Miracle.” It’s not Japan, it’s not China, and it’s not Singapore.

Multiple converging points make it one of the hottest investment opportunities of our time, including:

The results?

This nation has practically replaced India as one of the best sources for call centers.

Its government debt is now relatively low – just 40.1% of GDP… its unemployment rate is at just 6.5%.

And the nation’s GDP growth rate beats the U.S.’s nearly three times over…

Making the country the owner of what CNN claims is one of the four fastest-growing economies in the world.

The world’s starting to notice, too.

Standard & Poor’s just issued a credit upgrade for this nation – rating this nation BBB; making it investment grade. That’s higher than Brazil, India, and Russia.

And 2016 is an election year for this nation. That’s important because – according to Barron’s – its market typically skyrockets 25% after an election is held.

But that’s not all.

Barron’s goes on to mention that a stronger U.S. dollar, economy, and higher interest rates along with lower commodity prices plus slower Chinese growth will prove to be a shot in the arm for this nation’s economy.

Altogether, now’s the perfect time to ride this nation’s economic coattails.

And I’ve found the perfect way to do so…

Which you’ll discover inside your free copy of How to Play the Most Powerful Company in the World for Life-Changing Gains.

Just as you learn the identity of this second way to profit on the heels of the world’s most powerful company.

Financial Force Play #2:
War-Torn Island’s Bounce-Back Delivers Windfall Profits

Most people would never guess that one European nation with a history of civil war and discord could ever become an investment-rich opportunity.

But here we are… today, this country’s celebrated as Europe’s economic success story.

However, its gradual climb began over 20 years ago – in the 90’s when a high-tech boom kick-started the country’s financial status…

Turning it into one of Europe’s most envied economies at the time.

This status continued into the early 2000’s when growth was also fed by soaring property values (housing prices quadrupled at this time!).

Unfortunately, that heyday was short-lived.

The run up turned out to be a property bubble that depended too much on construction and rapid expansion of credit.

Like all bubbles, this country’s burst… and led to its economy imploding in 2007-2008.

At about the same time, tax revenues collapsed and unemployment tripled.

The GDP fell more than 14% the next two years. And the government went from a trade surplus to a 14.3% trade-deficit, black-hole.

The good news is the country’s government worked to steer the economy back on course.

It did that by going into austerity mode. This included raising taxes, shedding public jobs, and shrinking government salaries by up to 20%. Then it asked the IMF and the European Union for an $89 billion bailout.

So how well did these moves work?

The Financial Times reports this nation has seen its unemployment rate shrink over the last five years from 15% to 9.5%. Plus its stock market doubled in value in that time.

Besides that, this country now presents an especially attractive opportunity for foreign investors. Here are some of the reasons why:

All that adds up to an economy that’s soaring. So of course there are a number of ways investors can take advantage of this country’s growth…

But the play that I’ve selected to track this nation’s prosperity has been really hot. Take a look at this chart:

Since last year, shares have gone from $17.23 to $39.17.

That’s a 127% gain.

And they could go even higher as the country’s economy shifts into a higher gear.

According to the UK’s Guardian Newspaper, this nation is expected to “maintain its stellar growth track record.” In fact, its GDP is expected to grow by 6% this year.

U.K. Reuters describes this growth rate as “exceptionally strong.”

That’s why I’m so confident that the right investment in this country could produce triple-digit gains in the next year.

And you’ll get the full details on this play in my free special report, How to Play the Most Powerful Company in the World for Life-Changing Gains…

Just like you did for the world’s most powerful company, and the Asian Miracle play I just told you about. Now let’s look at the third play I promised you.

Financial Force Play #3:
This “Cold War Battlefield” Is Set to Deliver a Profit-Spree

For decades this European nation was an espionage dueling spot for agents of the U.S., U.K., and Soviet intelligence agencies.

It was where a massive Red Army tank blitz was expected should World War III start.

But with the fall of the U.S.S.R., the people of this nation shook free from the Cold War and became free to chart their own course…

To unlock their talent. That’s resulted in this country giving rise to 104 Nobel Prize winners.

Not to mention the country becoming a business powerhouse and one of the U.S.’s top trading partners.

So what else does this nation have going for it that makes it one of the most lucrative places in the world to invest for super-sized returns?

It’s no wonder that today the world’s catching on to this country’s economic potential.

In fact, out of the 500 largest, stock-market-listed companies in the world in 2014 – measured by revenue – 28 of them were headquartered in this country.

This nation also developed into a hub for start-up companies… making it the most favored destination for venture capital in the EU.

As great as all this is – the future looks even brighter, once you add in low unemployment, higher wages and a weak Euro.

And it’s only going to get better.

Economist Stefan Kipar’s evaluation of this nation’s economy sums up this potential nicely:

“Given the ongoing weakness of the euro and the emerging recovery in the United States, we see further upwards potential in the coming months… and the outlook remains optimistic.”

I agree with Kipar.

And the best way I know of to get in on the profit-spree driven by this country’s economic boom can be found inside your FREE copy of How to Play the Most Powerful Company in the World for Life-Changing Gains.

This report not only reveals these three plays I’ve just shared… but it also includes the name of the most powerful company on the planet that I discussed earlier.

Between these four investments, you get everything you need for both long-term profits and short-term riches.

Usually, information this valuable can only be found in the smoky, back rooms of Wall Street, so…

Unless You’re an Accredited Investor, This Kind of Research is Impossible to Get

But this is exactly the type of VIP-level research that you can expect from my own advisory service – The Alpha Investor Letter.

Forgive me if this sounds like bragging, but I don’t know how else to say this…

My research is unmatched. It comes from my Stanford- and Harvard-based education, my experience as part of a team that was responsible for $1 billion of emerging markets assets, and from my rolodex of million-dollar connections.

In addition, because I live near Mayfair – a district of London – I’m located in the hub of international finance. I’m just a stone’s throw from brilliant hedge-fund managers and professional investors.

Many whom I know personally, and often have lunch with – as I explained earlier.

And today, I want to give you this “exclusive back-room research” through The Alpha Investor Letter.

To make it as easy as possible for you to give my advisory a try, I’m offering you a 90-day risk-free trial.

When you accept it, not only will you get a full 3 months of my investment advisory service, but you’ll receive my new report – How to Play the Most Powerful Company in the World for Life-Changing Gains.

It’s a $99 value and easily worth more than that, however it’s yours FREE with your trial subscription.

I’m confident what you’re about to discover in this report will power your wealth building for years to come.

Now before I give you more details on my research service and the extra perks you’re entitled to when you accept my trial offer…

There’s something else I want to put into your hands for giving The Alpha Investor Letter a test-run.

It’s something that lets you tap into a sector of the investment world that has traditionally been closed to individual investors like you and me.

But I’ve found a legal loop-hole… one that allows you to…

Legally Sneak in Through the Backdoor Of the IPO Market and Claim Your Share of The Millions Made Every Month

Let me explain.

I have identified a very special investment that some people amongst my connections regard as the play of the decade.

This is a play that’s uniquely set up to legally give you a back-door pass to the extremely profitable IPO market.

IPO’s have made many millionaires.

Some of the biggest of them have included…

The Twitter IPO which soared 73% on its first day and made 1,600 people very lucky. Overnight they attained millionaire-status.

Then there was the famous Facebook IPO which was the second largest successful offering in American history.

It created over 1,000 new millionaires by some estimates.

Tesla, the electric car maker, did so well when it went public that it would have turned every $25,000 invested into $285,750.

If you’ve always viewed IPO’s as one of the best opportunities to get rich – you would be right.

If you ask financial author and commentator David Menlow what his research has uncovered about IPO’s, he’ll emphatically tell you, they create…

“More Millionaires… Than Any Other Segment of the Stock Market.”

But the problem is, getting the keys to the IPO treasure chest has been something only well-connected people could do. Again, the people in that smoky back room.

And it needed to be in the right companies, as not all IPO’s launch into orbit.

But now both problems have been solved for you.

In other words, you don’t need to be an insider. Nor do you need to burn endless hours figuring which IPO will explode.

And the way this play is set up… it reduces much of the risk associated with investing in these offerings… that means you’ll never lose your shirt should an IPO not pan out.

As you can probably guess – this play’s an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) – focusing on the huge potential gains made from IPO’s.

It has a great track record…

For the past 10 years it has outshined Berkshire Hathaway by 36.60%.

And in that time, it trounced the Dow’s returns by 206.65%.

Since its inception in 2006… and factoring in the Dow drops of 2008, 2011, and 2015… it still has produced a 3 to 1 return on investors’ money.

So what has it done lately?

Glad you asked.

It’s 187% up over the Dow for the past year.

Performance like this would put most investors miles ahead of where they are now.

Similar to the world’s most powerful company, this ETF offers you “blue chip security” because it reduces risk of investing in just one or two companies going public…

Individual plays like that could end up crushing investors should those offerings go sour.

At the same time this investment gives you a back door into the exclusive world and huge profits of IPO’s.

And according to my research, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the IPO market in this way.

There are several reasons for this.

Because of economic uncertainty during 2015, 67 IPO’s were postponed. Now that the U.S. GDP is expected to clock in at 3% next year, those IPO’s will occur in 2016.

Next, some of the 2016 IPO’s set for launch have a lot of people excited.

They include Neiman-Marcus, grocer Albertsons, transportation service Uber, smartphone maker Xiaomi, short-term consumer rental company Airbnb, and a chemicals IPO by Bayer AG.

And the play I’m talking about lets you take advantage of all of these.

The health of the IPO market in 2016 and the continued growth of the U.S. economy are just two reasons why I like this play so much. Of course, there are many others…

All of the details, including this investment’s name and ticker, are in a second report I’d like to give you for taking my Alpha Investor Letter for a test drive.

The report’s called: IPO Backdoor: Claim Your Share of the Millions Made Each Month from Public Offerings.

Share prices are still low right now. So you’ll want to lock in the game-changing gains available to you… before Wall Street discovers this gem.

This report is a $99 value, as well but it’s yours FREE – just like the first report I told you about – when you accept a trial subscription to my Alpha Investor Letter.

That’s a total of 5 can’t-miss investments in these 2 FREE reports and almost $200 in value for taking The Alpha Investor Letter for a test-drive.

But that’s just the beginning of the benefits you’ll receive as part of your subscription.

Before I tell you about those, let me make this 90-day, test-drive offer impossible to refuse by adding three bonus special reports – again, at no charge:

BONUS SPECIAL REPORT #3: Investors Quick-Start Guide

In this special report you’ll learn how to make the most of your subscription to The Alpha Investor Letter. You’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to get started using my advisory service.

You’ll learn how the individual components of my advisory service work together, how to access the most-commonly-used resources available to you, and how to maximize the value of your subscription.

This is your roadmap for making sure you hit the ground running as a new subscriber.

BONUS SPECIAL REPORT #4: My Safest Bet on Booming Biotech.

Everybody knows that prescription drug prices are through the roof. And nobody likes forking over a bunch of cash to pay for them. Factor that in with the aging demographics in America – and this company is set to take off like a bottle-rocket. That’s because it’s essentially two pharma plays in one investment.

The first is a company that produces lower-priced “generic drugs” for markets in 100 companies. The second is a play that’s taken a leadership position in “Biosimilars.” These drugs are compounds that are similar to name-brand biologic drugs but sold at a fraction of the price.

That’s why this is a low-risk play that could make you a bundle.

BONUS SPECIAL REPORT #5: The ‘Buffett Clone’ that Beats Berkshire by 70%

This is one of the best-kept investing secrets in America today. It’s a company that has trounced Berkshire Hathaway returns by 70% since the late 1990’s even though it’s a virtual copy of Buffett’s baby.

In fact, the two are so similar I call this the “Buffett Clone.” Its founder is even an Oracle of Omaha disciple. And much like Berkshire, profits come from a “tax-free revenue stream” reinvested for shareholders.

Full details are yours in this special report.

Each of these reports is also a $99 value – meaning all five reports together equal $495 worth of value.

Yet you get all five FREE. It’s my gift to you when you accept this trial subscription to The Alpha Investor Letter.

And those five reports are on top of the money-making recommendations you’ll receive during your test-drive.

Here’s a sample of the gains Alpha Investor Letter readers have collected:

report 110.29% gain from Visa
report 23.29% gain from Stratsys Inc.
report 23.19% gain from Lennar Corp.
report 21.62% gain from Powershares Global Private Equity
report 16.73% gain from Icahn Enterprises, LP
report 14.33% gain from Malaysia Index
report 12.60% gain from Two Harbors
report 10.62% gain from Wisdom Tree Japan Small Cap fund

And that’s just for starters.

I see the next 12 to 18 months as even more profitable, offering even bigger gains.

To get in on those profits here’s how to…

Use My International Connections… Asset Manager Expertise… And Proprietary Analysis to Grow Rich

Forgive me for again sounding overconfident here, but I’m uniquely qualified to help you get rich in today’s market. That’s because I have a system in place that lets me scan 47 global markets.

And that’s important because even if the U.S. market falls in the coming year, there’s always money to be made somewhere else.

This puts a lot of glimmering opportunities in front of me and my readers.

Without anything or anyone pressuring me to make one recommendation over another.

That’s because I’m an independent investment researcher. So, I’m not beholden to any company.

This could make all the difference in the world to you.

You see, many of the stocks and bonds recommended in the pages of financial media are placed there because they’re advertisers.

Or because the people backing these plays have some connection to that financial news outlet. So their picks may be biased.

My research is unbiased. I’m not obligated to write up anyone’s stock.

So you can expect objective analysis in every issue of my Alpha Investor Letter, along with these other subscriber benefits:

report Monthly Issues of The Alpha Investor Letter. Delivered to your mailbox and to your email inbox. Each issue lets you know when it’s time to open or close the door on an investment. Plus you’ll receive a new investment recommendation in each issue. This letter gives you rare, one-of-a-kind access to investment recommendations that the big boys play to amass fortunes. It’s like being part of a hedge-fund without forking over $1 million to be allowed in.
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Plus with your one-year subscription plan, you’ll receive the five special reports I mentioned earlier, a $495 value, yours free. These include:

SPECIAL REPORT #1: How to Play the Most Powerful Company in the World for Life-Changing Gains

SPECIAL REPORT #2: IPO Backdoor: Claim Your Share of the Millions Made Each Month from Public Offerings

SPECIAL REPORT #3: The Alpha Investors Letter Quick-Start Guide

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By now you may be wondering how much a subscription to The Alpha Investor Letter will run you.

Well consider this – as a reader of The Alpha Investor Letter, you’ll get hedge-fund level research.

Now just for the record, getting into a hedge-fund is out of reach for most people.

That’s because if you want to join a hedge-fund…

Even still, the hedge-fund manager may not let you join for any reason he or she dreams up.

But with The Alpha Investor Letter, you’ll get research and recommendations every bit as good as what those high-priced hedge fund guys charge, without having to pay a ton.

It’s Like Having a Hedge-Fund Manager Show You Where to Invest Without Actually Paying for It

With that said…

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So this begs the question.

Why have I made The Alpha Investor Letter so accessible when I could easily charge many times this subscription fee?

I’m doing it because I love it.

My family grew up in Pittsburgh. Both of my parents were professors. So I grew up prizing knowledge, research, and education. I absolutely love it. But that’s not the only reason why I’m doing this.

In the global finance world that I came from, it’s only the big shots, those men who get the privilege to sit in those cigar-smoke filled rooms… who usually get access to the most lucrative opportunities.

The rest of the investors fight over crumbs thinking they’re getting great deals even though they’re not.

That doesn’t sit right with me. I want you to get the same access as the insiders.

After all, why should only these guys get first dibs on the real money-makers?

It’s just not ethical. Especially when so many people are worried they’ll outlive their savings. Or they won’t have enough to retire in the first place.

So I’m offering you The Alpha Investor Letter at a subscription price anyone can afford.

Plus I’m giving you $495 worth of value through the five FREE reports you’ll receive.

I’ve taken that step to bridge the gap. It’s up to you to take the next step and take my advisory service out for a test drive.

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SPECIAL REPORT #6: Alpha Opportunities: Where the Smart Money is Investing Now

Page through this report and you’ll see five plays that could bank you king-sized profits for years. The first of which is an investment that Warren Buffett is pursuing that capitalizes on fracking going on in the Bakken Valley – but with an ingenious twist.

The second is profiting from what I call, the “GE of the 21st century. The third makes money from an burgeoning rally in an emerging market. While the fourth and fifth offer you under-the-radar plays positioned to explode soon. Everything you need to maximize profits from these five plays is included in this special report.

Now here’s the second FREE bonus report you’ll get when you sign up for a 2-year subscription:

SPECIAL REPORT #7: My #1 Investment for the Next 17 Years: Where I am Investing 100% of My Son’s College Education Fund

My goal is to use it to amass enough cash to cover my son’s tuition at my alma mater, Stanford University, in 17 years, one of the most expensive universities in America. So I needed to pursue an investment strategy that does the trick. It’s the same strategy that David Swensen of the Yale University endowment pointed out soared 159,000x between 1932 and the end of 2006, trouncing the returns of the broader market.

This special report reveals full details on this play.

You’ll receive these two special reports – plus the five that are in the 1-year subscription plan – for a total of 7 FREE special reports, when you agree to a 2-year subscription.

But regardless of whether you take the 1- or 2-year subscription, you’ll do so without feeling like you’re locked into an agreement you can’t get out of.

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You’re Protected by My 2-Way Guarantee

GUARANTEE #1: You can test-drive my research risk-free for 90-days. That means you can change your mind any time during the first 90 days of your subscription to The Alpha Investor Letter. If you decide to cancel, that’s ok. You’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund with no questions asked. All issues, picks, reports, and bonus materials you received are yours to keep as my gift to you for giving it a try.
GUARANTEE #2: Then, if after the 90-day money back guarantee period, you decide to cancel at any point (even on the last day of your term), you will receive a pro-rated refund of the unused portion of your subscription fee. Again, all bonuses, reports, and materials you’ve received are yours to keep with my compliments.

So there’s no need to feel pressured or commit to anything. Just let your experience with the reports and service decide for you. It’s that simple.

This is a complete kit to help you attain your financial dreams. Be they…

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Nicholas Vardy

Editor, The Alpha Investor Letter

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